EN600 solar pump inverter

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EN600 series inverter special for solar pump which has high efficiency. It supplys by Solar panel without extra battery to convert the electrical energy to AC power and drive three phase pump motor. A lot of applications can be used for, like underground water supply, agriculture irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, waste water treatment engineering and so on. MPPT function ( maximum power point tracking), CVT ( constant voltage tracking), weak light auto-sleep, strong light auto wake- up, high water level auto-stop, low water level auto-start, dry run protection ( under load protection) etc. functions available.

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Type4T series2S series
Max input DC voltage800V DC400V DC
Recommended MPPT & CVT voltage range350V ~750 DC160V ~ 380 V
Recommended input voltage530V DC/ 380V AC310V DC/ 220V AC
Rated output voltage3PH 380V AC2PH 220V AC
MPPT efficiency>97%
Output frequency range0~600HZ
Max efficiency>97%
Level protectionIP20 làm mát bằng không khí
AltitudeBelow (Dưới )1000m,  above (trên) 1000m, derate (cắt giảm)10% đối với tất cả điều kiện 1000m
Solar pump inverter typeG:G type for submersible pumps ( loại máy bơm chìm )
P:P type for centrifugal pumps (loại máy bơm ly tâm).
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