Heavy load inverter

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1. Hardware and software of high quality

DSP control is the key to identifying high-speed and high-performance systems to identify low-frequency (1Hz) high-torque outputs.
High load carrying capacity ensures the normal startup of the equipment.

2. Convenient shortcut operation mode

Smart parameter settings and parameter copy function of the keyboard should be able to set parameters more easily.
Special password protection function to randomly set user password to avoid changing unwanted parameters.

3. Optional secondary control function

Includes 10 digital input channels, 3 analogue input channels, which can receive 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 5V or 4 ~ 20mA input signals.
Includes two pulse input channels (maximum 50KHz), two OC digital output channels and one high-speed pulse output channel.
Analog output channel consists of 02 channels 0 ~ 10V voltage, 02 channels 4 ~ 20mA.
It is possible to connect the output channel to the auxiliary meter or use it to identify the connection and control synchronous for the inverter.
High carrier frequency (maximum 16KHz) is available for quiet, quiet operation.

4. Powerful control function

Multi-step speed control (up to 16 levels) can be realized via a simple PLC inside or from the control terminal.
PI can detect closed-loop control systems with high efficiency.
The perfect weave frequency function makes the application of the weaving machine simple and convenient.
It is possible to install inverter random running time.
This type of interface provides RS485 (or RS232) interfaces to the central control network, simple and convenient. The external keyboard can be up to 1000 meters.

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Widely used in the fields of metalworking machinery, plastic machinery, machine tools, printing, dyeing, paper making, automatic machinery, air conditioning, heating, water supply, water treatment waste, etc.

Power range: 2.2kw ~ 400kw 380V


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