inverter for injection molding machine

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1. Controlled by current vector technology, withstands full load at 0.1Hz.
High overload capacity of 150% of rated current for 3 minutes, 200% for 5 seconds.
3. Special control function is perfect for injection molding machine
Supply analogue input signal: 02 0 ~ 1A and 02 0 ~ 10V lane, can be connected directly to control and different parts are advantageous in the injection molding machine. The perfect electrical vector technology combines the special needs of injection molding machines with inverters to provide special requirements such as instantaneous torque response, High pressure molded castings, injection machines, … become a reality.
With the method of electric current can adjust the thermal efficiency of injection molding machine.
Makes the injection molding machine highly efficient and minimizes the problem of bypass control to variable frequency control.
4. Have the characteristics as EDS2000 inverter line, meet all needs of customers.
Power range: 11KW ~ 75KW 380V

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