Mini inverter

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1. Can create independent inverter network and can install main inverter.

2. Small knob with variable speed regulator and external keypad.

3. RS485 interface.

4. Input / output / analog channel.

Controls 16 levels of speed.

6. Multiple frequency input channels and external output.

7. SVPWM free-voltage vector

8. Partial or full key can be locked (can not lock to analog converter)

9. Remote keyboard can be used to copy parameters.

10. Exclusive OC output, which can connect AC and DC loads of 220V / 0.5A

11. There are zigzac running functions for Textile machines, which can be widely applied to all embroidery machines.

12. Integrated timer / counter for user.

13. Power range: 0.2kw ~ 1.5KW 220V; 0.75kw ~ 1.5KW 380V.

Can be used to support the food industry, wire drawing machines, printers, industrial air conditioners, textile machines, water supply equipment and other equipment as well as plastics, chemicals, bamboo shoots, ceramics and other production lines.

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* Product Application:
Gloves cutting machine, cutting machine 3 edge

Gloves cutting machine
3 side sticking machine


Conveyor belt
Carton production line.

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