Multi-function inverter (Heavy load)

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1. Controlling in vector voltage PWM and sensorless vector.

2. Rated 150% rated torque at 1Hz

3. Perfect function, compact size, suitable installation in many different locations

4. Automatically generate voltage stabilization (AVR) and limit electric current, making the operating system more stable

5. Built-in PID controller, which can realize pressure constant (flow, …). Controlling “01 inverter in combination with many devices”.

16 speed control, zigzag zigzag function for textile machine, can be widely used for all embroidery machine equipment makes it easy to operate.

7. 0 ~ 20KHz input / output communication is convenient for digital closed loop control system design

8. The built-in RS485 interface recognizes the central controller and controller

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* Product application

– Blowing machine, extruder, injection molding machine, …

– Screw compressors, piston compressors …….

– water pump system

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