The application of EN650C special frequency inverter for direct-drive type oil pump

Oilfields direct drive screw pumpequipment is relatively simple. It consists of synchronous motor, screw pumpand motor speed control system, etc. which suitable for crude oil mining withhigh viscosity, high gas content, high sand content, high water content and lowproduction well. Overcoming the phenomenon ofgaslock and sand sticking,etc. effectively,it has small coversarea,high efficiency andgood superiority of…

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EN600 Application Solution For Walking-beam Pumping Unit

ENC frequency inverters are widely used to the oil industry. Through measuring and calculating these actual use data, we found the frequency conversion energy saving ratio can reach to 30 ~ 50% on the application of walking-beam pumping unit, at the same time, oil production can increase 20% ~ 30%. In summary, our EN600 series…

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EN600 series frequency inverter for rope saw machine application

Rope saw machine is a mountain exploit equipment. The traditional rope saw machine is driven by hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic pump produces hydraulic pressure to drive rotation o

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