current vector inverter

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Suitable for: machine tools, woodworking machines, stone machines, mining machines, printers, plotters, textiles, paper production, metallurgy, food, chemicals, transmission, power cables, ceramics, construction materials, packaging machines, cigarettes, and other industries.

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1.Adopt vector modern control technology, and optimize V / F control;

2. High torque at low frequency: 150%  at 0.5Hz;

High stability, accurate: rate of input signal speed and actual output speed is ± 5%;

4. Unique Technology: After entering the parameters listed on the motor label, the inverter will start to adjust and rotate itself, to automatically adjust the motor parameters needed by vector control..

5. Generally not sensitive to motor parameters, not too dependent on the parameters change, the temperature environment change;

6. Simple and easy to adjust: There are no special settings for the motor and the controller parameters. If any parameter settings are wrong, just continue setting up the factory;

7. Fast and stable high-speed down response, maximum frequency acceleration / deceleration time can be 0.1s;

8. There are even sudden changes of load, fast acceleration and deceleration, inverter can do fast and self-adjustment.

9. Provides multiple inputs, RS485 communication interface. Standard configuration, MODBUS protocol option.

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