High torque inverter

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1. Current and V / F vector control technology
2. High torque at low frequency: torque 150% at 0.5Hz
High accuracy stability curve: The input / output error rate is only ± 0.5%
Unique self-reading technology: After the motor cable is attached, the inverter automatically calibrates the motor to detect the vector control parameters for the motor.
High durability: good tolerance to environmental changes.
6. Simple and easy adjustment
7. Fast and stable response when speed decreases, maximum acceleration / deceleration time can be set at 0.1s.
8. Even with sudden changes in load, fast rise / decrease speed, the inverter automatically adjusts rapidly and intelligently according to no overcurrent and short circuit fault.
9. Set a variety of frequency inputs, the B + MODBUS protocol of the RS485 interface is the standard configuration

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Current vector series
Suitable for machines: tools, woodworking, stone exploitation, mining, metallurgy, printing, wire drawing, textiles, paper, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electrical wires and cables, industrial ceramics, building materials, packaging, cigarettes, and other industrial fields
Power range: 0.4kw ~ 3.7kw (220V)
0.75kw ~ 55kw (380V)

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